August 17, 2021 Labor Day!!!!

Labor Day!!!!

Labor Day is Here!! We have all been through a lot World Wide over the last year! Fear! Pandemics! Bad Elections! Inflation!  This year, unlike any other year that I can remember, it’s time to Celebrate!! Celebrate in way that we never have before.  Survival and Prosper believes in Family, Good Living and Love!! This year, let’s celebrate the Work Ethic of the Hardest Working Nation on the Planet!! But, let’s all make sure that we don’t forget the basics.

Love! God and Country! Let’s make sure that we acknowledge each other for the things that we believe in and have in common as far as good living and life is concerned.  Also, let’s not forget about our children, our Neighbors, our Pets and most of all our Future!!!  Our Children are our Future and if we raise them up the right way, with Truth and Love – No Doubt – We will have a stronger, better and healthier Nation!!! From Survival and Prosper wishes all the Safest, Most Satisfying Holiday Ever!!!

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